Happy Birthday Sammy!

This week Sam turned the big 3! Although he really wants to be 4 (because McKay’s 4 and I told him he could sit in a booster seat in the car when he’s 4), I think he’s proud of being 3. Sam is the easiest kid to buy gifts for because any gift he opens he excitedly says, “It’s just what I wanted!”

I am so thankful that Sam is a part of our family. He’s such a happy kid and keeps us laughing. He’s got a great imagination and loves to play/wrestle with his brother McKay. He tries to be a good brother to Nathan and lets me know when Nathan is crying or needs me. However, sometimes he forgets Nathan is a baby and sits on him and says, “Giddy-up horsey.”

Sam is full of energy and loves to ride his bike, play at the park, run around the house, dress-up, pretend, watch movies, do puzzles, play with play-dough, and read books. Sam also LOVES to help me cook/bake, because he loves to taste everything. His favorite “tastes” are cake batter, pizza dough, bread dough, pancake batter, and cookie dough. It’s super hard to make cookies with him around because I turn my head and he’ll snatch a ball of dough and run away. Then he’ll sneak up behind the island and grab another.

Another thing I love about Sam is his puppy dog sigh “Ahhh” when he’s sad, in trouble, or not getting what he wants. It’s pretty funny.

Happy Birthday Sammy! Life would be dull without you in our lives.



February 2013 020

Construction Cake

Construction Cake

Sam got a sandbox but he was too busy to ever look up for a picture

Sam got a sandbox but he was too busy to ever look up for a picture

February 2013 017


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sammy!

  1. I remember when Sam was just a little baby in Oregon! What a cutie he is! Love his sweet smile! Sorry we never got together in AZ, sicknesses kind of ruined a big part of our trip! Hope we can meet up sometime in the future!

  2. Happy Birthday Sam!! That’s an awesome sand box! I wish we had one. And that cakes looks awesome…and sooo yummy!!! Makes me want to just go make one right now. How fun! Can’t wait to see you guys soon!

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